About Us

 Fiksdal Personal Development is committed to bringing out the best in people.  It’s no secret that we are all unique – special in our abilities, talents and interests.

Our founder, Steve Fiksdal, has always had an interest in leadership and positivity, even before it was an academic discipline.  After a 25-year career as a real estate brokerage manager and owner, Steve turned his focus to obtaining his college degree, a degree that was put on hold to marry and raise a family.  In December of 2018 Steve earned his Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies.

His real estate career took an unexpected turn when he learned that he was diabetic and has experiencing vision loss.  For over 5 years, Steve was considered legally blind.  Over this time period he was introduced to the Dependable Strengths® Articulation Process, which has become the foundation of Fiksdal Personal Development.