Building Your Network: 3 Things to Do Everyday

The most effective marketing, Michael explained, is based on full self-expression coupled with sincere and intentional networking. How do you put that into practice? Michael Port, best selling author, shares three things he does on a daily basis to strengthen his professional (and personal) network. read more

5 Repeatable Steps For Successful Networking

Do you find yourself leaving networking events feeling like you’ve just wasted a perfectly
good evening which could have been better spent working on your business, playing with
your kids or even watching TV. Sometimes you shake your head and wonder, “I wasted gas
driving to this?”

10 ‘Gives’ for Your Referral Partners

“I want to help, but I don’t know anyone who needs what they sell.” Does that sound familiar? Most people have that as their stand-by excuse for not reaching out and creating deeper connections with those they meet at the networking event. They know that ultimately they want something from that potential connection — clients, a job, donations, whatever — and if they don’t have anything to give in return they feel like they are begging.