Articulating Strengths Together (AST)

Recognize and learn to articulate your personal strengths in this structured series of activities. These activities allow you share positive experiences and celebrate your personal strengths. Participants will learn to become more strengths-focused in their awareness of themselves and with those they interact.

Dependable Strengths® Articulation Process (DSAP)

Since childhood we have relied on certain 5talents. We call these Dependable Strengths®. To identify these strengths we immerse participants in the time-tested Dependable Strengths®. Articulation Process. The DSAP is the most effective method known for uncovering hidden strengths, unlocking potential , finding meaningful work, and increasing career and life satisfaction. From decades of experience, we know success and fulfillment are built upon strengths-what CAN do, not what you cannot.

Strengths Based Real Estate Practice

A strengths based approach to real estate practice. Exceptional customer interaction begins with a positive self-image, Discover the strengths that make you unique and learn to employ those strengths in your real estate practice.

Strengths Based Teams

Understanding and utilizing the strengths of team members, not just desires. Understanding the strengths of your team members allows you to better utilize the talents of the team members.

Strength-Focused Identity – A Coaching Program

A daily strengths focused regime that fosters positivity and productivity. Learn to bring positivity to your everyday life.

Strengths Based Networking

Meet, greet, exchange business cards and forget. Sound familiar. Add a new dimension to your business development and networking. Get to know people through their personal strengths. What truly makes each of us unique. Base future relationships on what each of us do well.

Leadership – The Fiksdalian Approach  (Customizable)

      Ask 1,000 people to define leadership and you’ll probably get 1,000 different responses.  Engage in a discussion, tailored to your group’s needs, around what leadership is and what’s involved in being a better leader.