Dependable Strengths ®

Dependable Strengths ®Dependable Strengths® is based on the premise that all people possess excellence  within themselves.  This can be identified and brought to awareness, enabling the person to do their best work and experience their greatest satisfaction and effectiveness in life.

Dependable Strengths® is a process for identifying this this unique excellence within each individual.  In a  planned sequence of experiences participants identify their core talents, skills and abilities—Dependable Strengths– which unlocks hidden potential and puts them in touch with their “best self”.

Research since 1987, at the Dependable Strengths® Project, University of Washington, has shown participants in the DS Process increase their self-esteem, motivation and internal focus of control, among other benefits.

Dependable Strengths® is a highly effective approach to personal wellbeing and resiliency, job search,  career planning, team building,  organizational development, community  participation and more.